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Huge sweater made better :)


My future husband has had this sweatshirt for a while now… it was large to begin with and then stretched out after lots of wear. It was one of his favourites so he had a hard time getting rid of it… so I decided to take it instead! :)

As you can see, it’s quite HUGE!

Here’s a picture for size reference. I really like the fit of my blue hoodie so I used it as a guide to altering the grey one.

First step was to remove the sleeves. Then I flipped the sweatshirt inside out and traced the lines where I wanted to take the sweater in. I used my blue hoodie as a guide – but adding an extra inch as the sweater is quite thick and I didn’t want it so fitted.

I had planned on re-attaching the sleeves too, but when I put it on to test for fit, I really liked it without the sleeves! Since the original shoulder seam was so far out to begin with, when I put it on, they fell like cap sleeves on me. As you can see, I’m pretty chuffed about my new sweater. ;)

*edit* – OK I had to come back and add this… the ultimate in upcycling… what to do with those left over sleeves? ASSLESS CHAPS! LOL!!!!!

and after obsessing over quilting fabrics…


I’ve finally completed my first quilt!

Unfortunately I didn’t get any really good pictures of it… but it’s now with M and C pending the arriving of their new little bundle of joy. :)

I must say… completing it felt *really* good.  I loved being able to watch it come together in its different stages. I will confess though, I didn’t really know what I was doing and in retrospect should NOT have used fleece as the backing and binding – it was such a pain to sew!! It’s also a good thing that I recently just purchased a box of 500 pins. Yeah, those came in handy :P

Oh, and PSST, I got engaged a few weeks ago! YAY! Prepare for wedding talk.



the problem is that i can’t get past browsing all the gorgeous fabric choices! :P i am simply stuck on step one. heheh.

more foodyness around town


I’d heard of Little Nest before and finally got to try it last weekend. If you don’t like kids, don’t go there! Luckily, I love the little buggers and the restaurant was teeming with the good natured little ones! The restaurant is on Charles St. just off of Commercial and is only open for breakfast and lunch and then sweet things til 4pm. They serve wholesome delicious meals made with local and organic ingredients and it’s lovely and bright!

I like this quotation on their site:
“Food is family, family is life, life is everything.” George Calombaris


Tea and bread and polenta (YUM!) with goats cheese and mushrooms and spinach and poached eggs oh my! You can see the little bowls of homemade jam in the back – they were so good! I spread the goat cheese on my bread with some fig jam and it was heavenly :)

TP… for totally posh. hehehe

That same evening, I ended up in Richmond in some empty warehouse behind Ikea… to eat Japanese food! Let’s just say you don’t go there for the ambience! lol.

It’s basically three of these trailers parked next to each other. They sell ramen, cones, giant takoyaki and each trailer has a specialty kitchen. (Sean approves!)

At the ramen place you choose your soup base, and then three other items (it also comes with seaweed, green onions, cabbage, and bean sprouts).

It’s not especially cheap (about $8 per bowl) but there’s something novel about ordering your dinner from a truck… lol.

Speaking of Japanese food, I’m off to have some for dinner now!

Sayōnara! :D

Vancouver Rainy Day – special edition bitty boog


The Vancouver Rainy Day edition features a felt cloud and rain drop on Bitty Boog’s back. As those who live in Vancouver know, it rains a lot and this is Boog’s favoured outfit for our city.

Available here: smeeta’s Etsy shop

a day of domesticity


Only a couple days away, yet there’s still so much to do before Got Craft…

I got busy today and prepped my little signs for my table. I got the frames from Ikea… I think they were only $3 or so for a 3 pack. C’est mignon, oui?

Baked a large batch of lemon sour cream cupcakes (to be frosted). This is a fantabulous recipe which I found here at All Recipes. I don’t generally make the frosting like they say, instead I just do a simple glaze of icing sugar and lemon juice. Also I add about just under 1/4 cup lemon juice to the batter for a more lemony flava. The brown crispy parts are the best while the insides stay nice and moist. They might not be much to look at, but they are SO good. I bring them to work and they get totally devoured every time!

Finished up a couple of bags today too…

The lining is such a cute little pattern with bumblebees, clovers, and strawberries! I got this fabric during my trip to Japan last year… personally imported! lol ;)

I think I’m going to pass out now… have been up since 6:30am and now it’s 2:30am. AI YAH! There’s just not enough time in the day. :P

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