What Kind Of Wood Chips Should You Use To Smoke Fish?

Smoking imparts such wonderful flavor into your food. Many people smoke meats, but you can also smoke fish. However, you won't necessarily want to use the same type of wood to smoke fish as you would use to smoke pork or beef. For one thing, fish has a milder flavor that you don't want to mask with smoke. Also, fish tends to have a shorter smoking time, which not all woods lend themselves to. Read More 

How To Make Your Own Maple Sugar Candy

Maple sugar candy is a favorite treat in New England, Canada, or anywhere that maple syrup is common. You can often buy maple sugar candy at grocery stores and candy stores. However, another option is to make your own. It's a time-consuming process, but it is not that difficult, even if you have no previous candy-making experience. Follow the instructions below to make your own delicious maple sugar candy. Ingredients: Read More 

Questions To Ask A Food Catering Service Before Signing On The Dotted Line

Whether you're planning a Sweet 16 party for your daughter, a graduation party for your son, or a wedding for yourself, you'll want to make sure you have an excellent caterer. Guests tend to talk about the food long after the party has ended. When you're ready to interview caterers, there are a few important questions to ask the food catering service before signing any contracts.  Do You Provide Linens and Tableware? Read More 

Ways To Optimize Your First Dining Experience At A Fine Dining Restaurant

If you have never before experienced the fine dining scene, it can seem a bit overwhelming when you first step foot into such a restaurant. Many fine dining restaurants like Gabriel's Restaurant Bar & Grill feature various food options ranging from steak to seafood. They also often feature a separate wine list. While the options may seem a bit dizzying, there are some dining and etiquette tips you can follow to help improve your dining experience. Read More 

5 Delicious Complementary Pizza Toppings

One of the life's greatest pleasures is eating a steaming hot slice of pizza. Pizzas are a great dish to have with friends, on a fun romantic date, with your family, or simply alone and on the go. However, at one point or another, you will probably find yourself in a pizza toppings rut. Instead of the tired old pepperoni and olives, here are some examples of delicious toppings that complement one another. Read More