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I’d heard of Little Nest before and finally got to try it last weekend. If you don’t like kids, don’t go there! Luckily, I love the little buggers and the restaurant was teeming with the good natured little ones! The restaurant is on Charles St. just off of Commercial and is only open for breakfast and lunch and then sweet things til 4pm. They serve wholesome delicious meals made with local and organic ingredients and it’s lovely and bright!

I like this quotation on their site:
“Food is family, family is life, life is everything.” George Calombaris


Tea and bread and polenta (YUM!) with goats cheese and mushrooms and spinach and poached eggs oh my! You can see the little bowls of homemade jam in the back – they were so good! I spread the goat cheese on my bread with some fig jam and it was heavenly :)

TP… for totally posh. hehehe

That same evening, I ended up in Richmond in some empty warehouse behind Ikea… to eat Japanese food! Let’s just say you don’t go there for the ambience! lol.

It’s basically three of these trailers parked next to each other. They sell ramen, cones, giant takoyaki and each trailer has a specialty kitchen. (Sean approves!)

At the ramen place you choose your soup base, and then three other items (it also comes with seaweed, green onions, cabbage, and bean sprouts).

It’s not especially cheap (about $8 per bowl) but there’s something novel about ordering your dinner from a truck… lol.

Speaking of Japanese food, I’m off to have some for dinner now!

Sayōnara! :D

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“more foodyness around town”

  1. On May 18th, 2013 at 9:35 pm shahotto Says:

    nice and good from malaysia ,.

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