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Huge sweater made better :)


My future husband has had this sweatshirt for a while now… it was large to begin with and then stretched out after lots of wear. It was one of his favourites so he had a hard time getting rid of it… so I decided to take it instead! :)

As you can see, it’s quite HUGE!

Here’s a picture for size reference. I really like the fit of my blue hoodie so I used it as a guide to altering the grey one.

First step was to remove the sleeves. Then I flipped the sweatshirt inside out and traced the lines where I wanted to take the sweater in. I used my blue hoodie as a guide – but adding an extra inch as the sweater is quite thick and I didn’t want it so fitted.

I had planned on re-attaching the sleeves too, but when I put it on to test for fit, I really liked it without the sleeves! Since the original shoulder seam was so far out to begin with, when I put it on, they fell like cap sleeves on me. As you can see, I’m pretty chuffed about my new sweater. ;)

*edit* – OK I had to come back and add this… the ultimate in upcycling… what to do with those left over sleeves? ASSLESS CHAPS! LOL!!!!!

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“Huge sweater made better :)”

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